Jalapeno Chipotle Capsicum Annuum Chilli Pepper Seeds


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Jalapeno Chipotle Capsicum Annuum Chilli Pepper Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown seeds.

These guys are great and I guess most of you folks have had them before.

Jalapeno’s are the ones you buy smoke dried, or sliced and pickled green in vinegar, like the ones you get at “Subway”.(They are not associated or affiliated with me in anyway, it’s just a good example).

They are named after Xalapa, Veracruz, where it was originally grown, and apparently today 40,000 acres are still exclusively used for its production in Mexico. Over there they call it Jalapeno, Huachinango or Chile Gordo.

Quite a popular pepper, with another 7,000 acres grown in the USA.

It is hot, but not supersonic with anywhere between 2,500 and 10,000 Scoville, and sweet capsicum like flavour.

Great in noodle dishes and even with me being a bit of a chilli wuss I can handle one or two sliced finely, which gives a great complexity of flavours to a meal, not just “hot”.

The best way to eat them is definitely pickled in my opinion and there are a million recipes out there specifically for these guys.

Great for clearing the sinuses and the juice with a little salt in it is a traditional remedy for allergies and cardiovascular problems apparently.

That reminds me the second way I love them. Salt sauced.

What you do is fully ripen them, waiting for them to turn from bright green to deep red and start to soften, then remove the stems and put a layer in an icecream container or small bucket, sprinkle on a small pinch of salt, add another layer of chillies and repeat. When the container is half full really push on them, crush them down and bruise them, then continue layering chillies, pinch of salt until it’s all full.

Put it in a dark cupboard with the lid on(if it’s an icecream container, as they never fully airtight seal) or just slightly cracked if it’s a bucket.

One month later pour off the watery stuff that has accumulated, and hit the lot with a wizz stick or wack it in the food processor then bottle it. Provided you haven’t cultured something nasty, it keeps for ages. Got some here two years old and it’s maybe even better now it has aged a bit.

Bloody awesome sauce! Love the stuff as it isn’t super crazy hot, but it is super flavoursome.

Goes great with everything, I could eat it with breakfast cereal. lol.

That’s about it folks, jalapeno chilli peppers!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems no nasties, no problems!!!