Tinda Gourd Round Melon Praecitrullus Fistulosus Seeds


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Tinda Gourd Round Melon Praecitrullus Fistulosus Seeds

Packet of 10+ seeds from this prolific little vine!

This very uncommon Indian and SE Asian vegetable is a great option for those in dry areas like mine.
It grows on a small vine like a melon or cucumber, it produces heaps of fruit, and once established it’s super hardy.

The flesh is cooked and used like a pumpkin or winter melon, and the seeds can be roasted and eaten like sunflowers.
It is great for pickles and chutneys and the fruit stores for months like pumpkin do.
Better still they are way more user friendly as they are only about as big as a grapefruit.
This means if you cut one they actually fit in the bloody fridge!

Known as apple gourd, baby pumpkin, Citrullus fistulosus, Citrullus lanatus var. fistulosus, dhemase, dilpasand, Indian baby pumpkin, Indian round gourd,Indian squash, Indian squash, meha, pangalotonkwa, Praecitrullus fistulosus, round gourd, round melon, squash melon, Stocks, Stock’s squash melon, tinda, tindsi, tinsi and a whole heap more too.

I’ve only been growing them for a few years now but from the very first crop I know this fella would be a part of my regular rotation.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!