Aztec Amaranth Rajeera Amaranthus Cruentus Seeds


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Aztec Amaranth Rajeera Amaranthus Cruentus Seeds

Packet of 300+seeds of this awesome, ancient leaf and grain crop!
Now this is a fantastic crop to grow, seriously one of my favourites!

Use the leaf just like any other Asian greens, bok chow, hak sai, cabbage, brocollinni, spinach or whatever. The stem is crisp and crunchy, like a string bean really. (except no string, even when it gets quite thick).
Very mild flavour, great for getting kids to eat their greens, as there is no way it could be considered offensive, even by the fussiest of kids, as it really has no leafy taste?

It produces huge amounts of seed that can just be dried in a large bowl or bucket and sieved. Fried up like popcorn it’s great! Equally good boiled quickly like porridge.
Its texture is just like polenta, and makes a great side dish. Or if you cook it a little bit longer and with a little more water and it goes like a porridge.

Evidence of use in Central America as a grain as early as 400BC!
More than 8000 years of cultivation, so I guess that makes it an “Heirloom” food crop.

Major use as a leafy green in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Africa, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and many other countries. In India it is known as “Rajeera”, or “The Kings Grain”.
Very high in iron and calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and similar amounts of all the rest of the good stuff to wheat and rice.
Except, unlike wheat and rice, you can grow and harvest your own without any specialized equipment. And, any time you want you can pick a couple handfuls of leaf for a stirfry or curry.

Now you can’t do that with the standard grain crops!
Bloody awesome in our opinion, and a must for anyone that that wants a bit of food independence.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!