Dysentery Bush Dogs Balls Grewia Latifolia Seeds


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Dysentery Bush Dogs Balls Grewia Latifolia Seeds

Packet of 15+ freshly harvested seeds!

This a fantastic little native, probably most famous for being mentioned in a couple episodes of Les Hiddins’ “The Bushtucker Man” TV series.

Used for the treatment of dysentery and diarrhoea by both the Aboriginal Australian and the colonial settlers. The root and stem being pounded then used by the Aborigines, and the leaf being made into a tea by the colonials, with everyone agreeing, the fruit are a tasty little feed.

The berries are a very thin layer of really delicious fruit surrounding the round hard seeds. The fruit tastes like sweet smoky apple cinnamon, some folks say apple strudel, and I would have to admit it is pretty close.

Each bush produces several hundred berries, and each berry really does look like miniature dog’s testicles.
Now that the mystery of the name is solved, let’s move on to other names which include Emu Berry, Dysentery Bush, Dysentery Tree, Dysentery plant, Grewia richardiana, Grewia latifolia f. latifolia, Grewia latifolia f. parvifolia, Grewia blattaefolia, Microcos blattifolia, Microcos latifolia, but yeah, “Dogs Balls” is by far the most common name for it.

Incredibly hardy, drought tolerant plant that sinks a really long taproot in dry rocky conditions.
Produces flushes of flowers and fruit all year round.

Edible root, stem, and fruit that all contain large amounts of mucilage, which is great for soothing upset stomachs and lessening the effects of bowel inflammation, especially when it is brought on by poor diet.

Native to the whole Queensland coastline, and handles occasional heavy frost and extended bone dry drought conditions, bush fires, whatever you throw at it really.

Another awesome Aussie native plant for the collection.

Grown (and occasionally sustainably wild harvested) by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!