Inca Peanut Sacha Inchi Plukenetia Volubilis Seeds


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Inca Peanut Sacha Inchi Plukenetia Volubilis Seeds

Packet of 5 very rare freshly harvested seeds!

These guys are a species of plant grown for 100’s years as a good crop in the Amazon rainforest, and now they are gaining notoriety world wide as a “Super food”.

They contain huge amounts of Omega 3 oils and this gives them a strong roasted fish or candle nut type of flavour.
Because they are so rich in protein and these energy packed oils eating them uncooked will very reliably give you a stomach ache.
It will also loosen ones bowels considerably…
Roasted or fried with a bit of salt and they don’t have this effect, and they taste bloody awesome!

They are being grown on a huge scale in Thailand at the moment and the huge demand is seeing other neighbouring countries starting to follow suit.
They are a vine and the best way to imagine their growth is like a Passionfruit.

I grow them along side my other vines up trellises, along the side of the water tank, and planted at the base of Acacia shrubs. The Acacia becomes the trellis and then I get both a seed and a nut crop from the same tiny patch of dirt.

Here where I am conditions are very harsh and my water inputs are low so my yields are smaller, but overseas I see two year old crops pumping out ~500 seeds a couple times a year.
They also remain productive for more than 70years!

The flowers are tiny and weren’t even worth a picture, but after that the 4-7segented pods form. The pods dry then split releasing the seeds which are pretty thin shelled and really easy to crack.
Inside the seed the nutty flesh is loose making cracking and separating them a breeze.

The oil in the nut is made up of about ~50% Omega 3, 35% Omega 6 and 10% Omega 9 and long term diet studies showed it increases blood levels of HDL cholesterol(the good guys!).

They are sometimes known as Fragariopsis paxii, Plukenetia macrostyla, Plukenetia peruviana, Sajorium volubile, but most often as Ticazo, Inca peanut, Sacha peanut, Inchi nut, Mountain nut, Mountain Peanut, or just Plukenetia volubilis

Its a great crop and it has massive potential for growth and now you know where to get some seeds from!
Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂