Leonotis Ocymifolia Raineriana Rooidagga Seeds


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Leonotis Ocymifolia Raineriana Rooidagga Seeds

Packet of 25+ super rare seeds!

This is a fella that I am pretty excited to have in the collection and since being gifted it half a dozen years ago I have never seen it available for sale elsewhere in Australia!

It is used traditionally in all the ways that Lions mane, Lions tail, Klip dagga, Leonurus and Leonotis species are used, and it is also used as a condiment, spice or medicine.
It gets way bigger than most Leonurus species do, and very big plus is that unlike Leonotis nepetifolia it isn’t spiky.

Names it is sometimes known as include Klipdagga, Leonotis bachmannii, Leonotis brevipes, Leonotis capensis, Leonotis dinteri, Leonotis dubia, Leonotis dysophylla, Leonotis elliotii, Leonotis engleri, Leonotis galpinii, Leonotis hereroensis, Leonotis hirtiflora, Leonotis intermedia, Leonotis kagerensis, Leonotis latifolia, Leonotis laxifolia, Leonotis laxifolia f. pilosa, Leonotis leonitis, Leonotis leonitis var. hirtiflora, Leonotis longidens, Leonotis malacophylla, Leonotis melleri, Leonotis microphylla, Leonotis mollis, Leonotis mollis Benth. var. mollis, Leonotis mollissima, Leonotis mollissima Gürke, Leonotis mollis var. albiflora, Leonotis newtoni, Leonotis newtonii, Leonotis ocymifolia, Leonotis ovata, Leonotis parvifolia, Leonotis raineriana, Leonotis raineriana var. rugosa, Leonotis randii, Leonotis rugosa, Leonotis schinzii, Leonotis spectabilis, Leonotis urticifolia, Leonotis velutina, Leonotis velutina var. Angustifolia, Leonotis velutina var. raineriana, Leonotis velutina var. rugosa, Leonotis westae, Leonurus minor, Minaret Flower, Phlomis leonitis, Phlomis ocymifolia, Rooidagga, umcwili, and umfincane.

It is an African native and here where I am it is super hardy requiring bugger all TLC.
The native bees love the flowers and traditionally it’s used as sedative smoking herb, for fevers, snake bite, haemorrhoids, headaches, stomachache, coughs, dysentery, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, eczema and fungal skin infections.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!