Big Jim Bulls Horn Capsicum Annuum Seeds


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Big Jim Bulls Horn Capsicum Annuum Seeds

Packet of 40+ home grown seeds!

This capsicum or sweet pepper is a really great variety.
Called Bulls horn or Big Jim, it produces really large sweet red peppers that don’t have any heat.
You can eat them young and green too if you are running low on vegies, something green to add to a pasta pizza or stirfry, but with these guys big and red is better I reckon.

It’s been popular since its inception about ~100years ago in Italy, and if you like capsicum or Sweet Peppers, then you will no doubt have this fella in your collection from this point onwards.

Grows easy, huge yields, delicious fruit and they look cool too.
Small seed cavity and easy to clean and de-seed.
Ideal for stuffing and roasting or frying.

One way I like to eat then is mixing some herbs and chilli(optional)with unsweetened thick yogurt, then roughly de-seed and stuff the peppers with it.
Then you pan fry them on both sides in smoking hot oil which softens and blackens the skin, the yogurt inside cooks losing all the tangy sourness and it goes like a creamy delicate bocconcini~mozzarella cheese sort of thing.
This matches perfectly with the flavour or the herbs and the blackened pepper skins.
It’s really awesome, super cheap and easy, and looks as gourmet as can be.
Drooling just thinking about it!

Anyway, this is a cool plant that makes huge tasty sweet red fruit without any heat.
I reckon it’s great, so will you guys.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!