Waltheria Indica Sleepy Morning Seeds


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Waltheria Indica Sleepy Morning Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown organic seeds!

This Aussie native herb is found every where in the top half of Australia.
All through WA, NT, QLD, and NSW and it is also found in all part of the tropics world wide.

Known by the common names ala’ala, ‘uhaloa, basoraprieta, basora prieta, boater bush, buff coat, chamorro, escobillo blanco, excited cat tree, fertility herb, guasimilla, guimauve, hala ‘uhaloa, hi’aloa, hierba de soldado, kanakaloa, leather coat, malvavisco, marsh-mallow, meidebossie, monkey bush, pokok kucing galak, poonamayakki, pu loa, shengalipoondu, sleepy morning, sleepymorning, uha-loa, uhaloa, velvet bush, velvet leaf, velvetleaf, and the synonums Melochia corchorifolia, Waltheria africana, Waltheria americana, Waltheria americana var. densiflora, Waltheria americana var. elliptica, Waltheria americana var. indica, Waltheria americana var. subspicata, Waltheria angustifolia, Waltheria arborescens, Waltheria corchorifolia, Waltheria elliptica, Waltheria erioclada, Waltheria guineensis, Waltheria indica var. americana, Waltheria indica var. sahelica, Waltheria maki noi, Waltheria microphylla, Waltheria obtusa, Waltheria pauciflora, Waltheria pedunculata, Waltheria pyrolifolia, and Waltheria wildii.

I don’t have a cat so can’t test it, but the name “Excited cat tree” comes from it’s allegedly stronger than Cat nip effects.

It is also a famed medicinal herb that when used as a tea does have mild sedative effects and soothes the throat.
It is used in pretty much everywhere as an asthma treatment, mild analgesic, or as a general tonic or cold and flu remedy.
It is also used the same way to treat arthritis, neuralgia, mouth ulcers, bladder or urination issues and Candida albicans infections.

So yeah, it is mildly sedative and it does have a heap of traditional medicinal uses.
I don’t bother with making tea as the effect is so mild and the taste really isn’t great, but I do chew it as I wander around the scrub collecting seeds, and for me it is pretty much anti-Coffee.

It does not get you high or stoned in any way, and weak chamomile tea is pretty much the same in effect, maybe even stronger?

This has not stopped a multitude of dodgy folks marketing and selling it as marijuana, but legal and without THC.

The reason they are able to do this is because when grow them in soils high in potasium, or you just pull the buds off the plant and rearrange them in between existing flower buds, tune the picture colour a bit, it looks remarkably similar to high quality cannabis.

This amazingly VISUAL similarity has allowed these dodgy bastards to mislead and defraud folks from the early 70’s, right up until today.

The company names have changed many times over the years as folks work out they have been had and leave reviews and warnings to other folks.

Unfortunately the way they have partnered up as major advertisers to many huge, well respected marijuana magazines, means the amount of money made with this bait and switch scams is truly remarkable.

It’s gotta be millions all told.

As they are very careful to say clearly in the fine print that it “isn’t an illegal drug or marijuana substitute, it doesn’t contain THC, and it won’t get you high” means they can’t really get in trouble, as that is 100% true and they are technically not lying. That is all 100% true.

Despite these quite honest verbal claims, they have very misleading pictures, staged positive reviews from fake customers, and a multitude of dodgy blog posts and youtube reviews pointing at their money sites, all saying that it is “better than weed”. Super dodgy in my personal opinion.

I say it clearly, this stuff is not anything like weed and as such is legal to sell, grow or consume it, pretty much everywhere.
Just like chamomile tea is…

Also just like chamomile tea, there is no historical record of use for this herb as a smoked product.
It is only sold that way because it LOOKS similar.
It’s a basic “bait and switch” fraud and who really knows what effects it may have on the lungs long term?

For that reason I do not recommend you smoke it, at all, ever.

Grow it as cool native species, as an ornamental, or as food for the wildlife.
At very most use very sparingly to maybe make the occasional weak tea, or chew the stems every now and then like you would with any other more common herbs.

Don’t ingest heaps as that just brings on it’s other traditional medicinal use, as a purgative, meaning it makes you throw up.
Large doses do NOT give stronger effects, they just make you very nauseous and sick, and I say that confidently from experience.

Also, just like everything else you can find at the local supermarket, there is a chance you may react badly, or be allergic to it, even in tiny amounts, so please be sensible folks.
If you don’t think you can be sensible, please bugger off.
I’m way too busy for the dramas that your death or poisoning could cause….

It is very easy to grow, but it often does take a few months to get established, and this packet of seeds should get you a dozen or so plants.
Once they are up it will self-seed and you won’t ever need to buy it again, especially if you live in a warm climate.

On an interesting side note it is a food of the critically endangered northern hairy-nosed wombat, and the wallabies here smash it during the dry season.
They seem to like it more than chillies, but a little less than tomatoes.
Cheeky bastards!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!