Cicer Arietinum Desi Chickpea Kala Chana Seeds


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Cicer Arietinum Desi Chickpea Kala Chana Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown organic seeds

I am certain everyone knows what a chickpea is, but I have to say something so here is a quick overview.

These are the smaller brown skinned form, not the big fat pure white ones you see most commonly sold.
I’ve found these particular ones are a more reliable and higher yielding crop than all the other forms I have tried over the years.

Super popular at the moment, not just for hommus/hummus/dip, but as a staple grain crop as they are high in fibre, but low in fat.

They fill you up quickly because of the high protein levels, and they provide slow release extended energy due to the low GI of the carbohydrates and starches they do contain.
For example they are considered a ~28 while white bread or rice sits at about ~68.

High in folate and iron, they are a great choice for vegetarians, vegans or pregnant women.
Unlike most pulses they don’t give you huge amounts of wind which is a big plus.
Historical medical uses include increasing sperm and milk production, provoking menstruation and increasing urine output as a treatment for kidney stones.
The leaves are edible too, and provide more minerals and micronutrients than cabbage or spinach.

Easy to grow, with a low fertiliser and water need, and even better being legumes they fix their own nitrogen, providing fertilizer and improving the soil for the next crop.
Ideal for use in rotation with other species.

If you have a few days to kill, search chickpea benefits+gut health/diabetes/weight loss/GI etc.
There is so much info out there about how great they are that I figure most folks already know they are a cool crop to grow so I will keep the rambling wall of text to a minimum, just this time..

Common names include Bengal gram, Spanish pea, Indian pea, Egyptian peabush, garbanzo bean, cece, chana, chania, channa, chick-pea, chick pea, chnankah, cicer barani, ciecierzyca, cizrna, cizrna berani, ervithi, garbano, garbano bean, garbanzo, gram, harbhara, harbhara, harimandhakam, hummus, jivana, kacang arab, kacang kuda, kadale, kahviherne, katalai, keker, kickererbse, kikart, kikherne, kikkahviherne, leblebija, lentille culinaire, naut, nohut, pois chiche, pois chiche , revithi, rovithi, sanagalu, slanutak, tete de belier, thua hua chang, and they were also once known by the following synonums, Cicer album, Cicer arientinium, Cicer arientinum, Cicer arietinum noir, Cicer edessanum, Cicer grossum, Cicer nigrum, Cicer physodes, Cicer rotundum, Cicer sativum, Cicer sintenisii, and even Ononis crotalarioides.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!