Egyptian Paper Grass Cyperus Papyrus Dwarf Seeds


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Egyptian Paper Grass Cyperus Papyrus Dwarf Seeds

Packet of 250+ tiny seeds!

Super easy to grow plant, just sit a pot of nice sandy dirt in an inch of water, sprinkle the seeds on top and water every few days.
I planted one packet and got hundreds of the little buggers popping up within a few weeks. Best grown in captivity for this reason. Although not considered a weed in any state of Australia currently, it does have potential to out compete our natives in the right conditions I reckon.

Being the dwarf form it is much less aggressive than the original which can apparently grow 16 feet or 4.8metres high! (I would love some seeds of that fella if you have it. Happy to buy or swap. Love barter!) This fella is much more manageable topping out at about waist high here for us.

We will be having a go at making parchment and paper later on once our plant numbers increase a bit, and we get the spare time..
It is said to have edible starchy roots and small tubers, but after having a crack at them, I wouldn’t really bother growing this fella as a food crop. Taste wasn’t bad just a really low yield when compared to other edible Cyperus species like Tiger Nuts.

Fantastic little ornamental though. The frogs love it, and it is great for mopping up excess nitrogen, preventing algae blooms and clearing cloudy waters.

Fountains, fishponds, water features, or just planted out in wet spots where nothing else will grow like next to a tap or water tank it’s perfect.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!