Mibuna Brassica Rapa var. japonica Seeds


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Mibuna Brassica Rapa var. japonica Seeds

Packet of 100+ seeds just like in the picture!

Awesome stuff, easy to grow.

Traditionally grown in the Kyoto region of Japan.

Just like tatsoi, pak choi, spinach or other Asian Leaf Vegetables, but with a little spiciness to it that really adds something to a bland or boring salad.

As it keeps sending up new shoots and you harvest individual leaves, not the whole plant, the harvest period goes for months. Always got a feed ready when you need it.

Cruise outside with a pair of scissors, cut a heap off and wack it in a sandwich, salad, soup or stirfry, and in a week there will be a heap more to replace it.

Keep the water up to it, and you can grow it all through Summer.

Thrives in Autumn, Winter and well into Spring.

Partial shade is best, so a cool damp patch on the side of a building is ideal. That said, we grow it all year round in full sun most of the time.

Haven’t killed it with neglect so far, and that’s really saying something!

Use it for salad, stirfry, soup etc etc…..

That’s it folks, another delicious Japanese leafy green.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!