Schoenoplectus Mucronatus Club Rushes Seeds


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Schoenoplectus Mucronatus Club Rushes Seeds

Packet of 200+seeds from this handy semi-aquatic water plant!

Grows anywhere in Australia, even in heavy clay soil.

Just get them started in pots of good soil sitting in an inch or so of water, and divide them up once they shoot.

They are normally found around creeks and riverbanks, but are a handy addition to dam walls as their roots sink down and hold the soil in place. Slows erosion from cattle and stock quite a bit. The local wild life loves them, with ducks, water hens, and a myriad of other critters eating the seed and using the shoots for nesting and bedding material.

Looks cool, the critters love it, is good for erosion prevention, and is even an attractive native plant in it’s own right, flowering nearly all year round. Edible root system too, but it is pretty fibrous, so I never bother with it.

Wack some in your pond or water feature, you won’t regret it!

Wild harvested and home grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!