Native Grape Cissus Hypoglauca Water Pepper Vine Seeds


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Native Grape Cissus Hypoglauca Water Pepper Vine Seeds

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested home grown seeds!

This fella is a local native climber, our Aussie version of a grape.

It is know by lots of names like jungle grape, water vine, billangai, giant water vine, five-leaf water vine, jungle vine, native grape and pepper vine.

The “watervine” bit is because in a survival situation you can cut the vine or the shallow roots and the sap that flows out can be drunk as an emergency water source.
Works surprisingly well but the taste is a bit harsh on the throat, and as they normally grow near water, you are probably better off digging a seep or well in a nearby low spot.
Does impress the tourists though, makes you look like a real bushy..

It has really pretty berries that the possums and birds love. They are quite edible and often really sweet. Great for jam and hooch or home brewed booze, just be aware that sometimes there is a strong burning aftertaste and a prickly sensation on the throat. No idea why, it seems to be a random thing with the rains or lack of making not much difference to its occurrence.

I am told it is harmless and normal, but just be careful as an allergic type of reaction in your throat wouldn’t be very cool at all…

I carefully lick the fruit, taking my time, and only eat it when there is no acrid spicy sensation or reaction. If there is I walk away and come check again in a few days.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the time it tastes just like a drier firmer grape, nice and sweet and I eat heaps, but all the same I check it carefully first each and every time.

Only a couple days difference can have a huge difference in flavor, and the ripeness of the fruit seems to be an independent factor altogether?

Anyway, it is easy to grow, and looks great along a fence or up a tree. The birds and critters love it, and most of the time it’s a tasty treat as well!

I have heaps growing here in the bush now, so there is no need for me to actively grow it much any more, but I did originally start a heap in pots and they were all up within a month or two using My Standard Potting Mix.

Wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!