Watermelon Mini Cubban Dixie Queen Citrullus Lanatus Seeds


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Watermelon Mini Cubban Dixie Queen Citrullus Lanatus Seeds

Packet of 10+ seeds from this rare variety of watermelon, grown here in Queensland Australia!

The seeds of this variety are large and white not black.
Don’t worry, that is exactly how they are meant to be.

This one is a real beauty, the famous “Mini Cubban” Watermelon! >>>
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It’s a great little vine, perfect for pots and planters and unlike a lot of other watermelons out there you don’t need huge spaces to get a decent crop.

We have tried most of the other “Mini” varieties, most are bland at best except for the “Sweet Sugar Baby”, which is a great variety for ideal conditions, something we unfortunately just don’t have here………..

If your place is short of space, water, or prone to insects and attack by the local wildlife, then this is the one you want.

It starts off a bit hairy for the first month or so, until it develops a proper rind on it.

Then the skin thickens up and the hairs fall off revealing the standard sort of watermelon we all know and love! Because of this thicker rind it resists most insects, and the Roos and Bettongs, just leave it alone (apart from the odd chewed leaf). We are yet to have a fruit split open by the critters, but I definitely can’t say that about the other varieties we tried!

Unfenced or netted the “Sugar Baby” never even made it to fruiting. At about the 3rd week, every bloody time, they ate the plant, root and all. Cheeky bastards!!!

The “Mini Cubban” also handles our harsh conditions a lot better too sinking a much deeper tap root, and on the really hot days the leaves curl up to conserve water, instead of just wilting and looking sad like the others do.

I think that’s another reason they do so well on our dry, rocky, hungry soil?

We yeah, that’s about it really.

Super tough plant, good yields or about 3-10 fruit a little smaller than a basketball.
Super sweet, delicious red juicy fruit, low maintenance, bloody awesome!

Well worth planting a few, I reckon!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!