Tribulus Terrestris Puncture Vine Libido Herb Seeds


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Tribulus Terrestris Puncture Vine Libido Herb Seeds

Packet of 20+ seeds home grown organic seeds!

First of all I recommend growing it in pots or tubs only, as I do, because it can get away from you quickly if not managed responsibly.

Very easy to grow, and as its seed pods are really spiky you don’t want it getting out of hand or escaping.

Lots of studies going on about this one and thousands of years of use as a medicinal.

Here is some data I got from the internet and it pretty much sums up its multitude of uses>>>

“Like many weedy species, this plant has many common names, including bindii, bullhead, burra gokharu, caltrop, cat’s head, devil’s eyelashes, devil’s thorn, devil’s weed, goathead, puncturevine, and tackweed.

Tribulus has been used for centuries in Europe for hormone insufficiency in men and women. Research is indicating that Tribulus may increase the body’s production of testosterone in men through increased secretion of luteinising hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland. It is also speculated that in women, Tribulus may increase the hormones oestrodiol, LH, and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

Tribulus may also slightly influence testosterone in women. Tribulus is thought to stimulate hormones to a balanced level, improving libido, reproductive function and ovulation, without causing over stimulation.

In China, Tribulus has traditionally been used to improve sexual desire and sexual performance in male impotence.
It is also thought to stimulate sperm production and increase the quality, motility and survival time of sperm. Tribulus is thought to have a naturally similar action to that of anabolic hormones.
For athletes and body builders, Tribulus may increase testosterone and oestrodial levels, promoting faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress.
It is believed to have a positive effect on strength and stamina. It is also thought to increase muscle growth. Research has not yet substantiated this theory.
Thought to improve conditions such as angina, high blood pressure and myocardial ischaemia. Tribulus is also thought to be of benefit for high cholesterol.
Believed to stimulate the liver and improve the breakdown of fats. It is thought to stimulate bile flow and synthesize hormones from cholesterol (the liver is a major processor of hormones).

Through its strong action on the liver, Tribulus may lower cholesterol, blood pressure, regulate bowel patterns and increase stamina and endurance. It may also improve protein metabolism and energy production. Traditionally used in cystitis, renal calculi (kidney stones), incontinence, gout and impotence.”

There you go folks!

Another interesting addition to the collection.

Grown organically by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!

NOT FOR VICTORIA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, or NORTHERN TERRITORY, due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂