Japanese Kabocha Pumpkin Cucurbita Pepo Seeds


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Japanese Kabocha Pumpkin Cucurbita Pepo Seeds

Packet of 10+ organically grown seeds!

This is the Japanese style Kabocha pumpkin and compared to the normal super market ones it’s way better for a heap of different reasons.
The biggest and most important one being FLAVOUR!

It has that unmistakable rich chestnut sweetness, heavy density, and the flesh crumbles into individual grains like a well packed sandcastle.
No slimy strings or fiber, a very small seed cavity, and low seed count(hence the slightly jacked up price).

Unlike the majority of the more common pumpkins on the market even the skin is delicious and it is meant to be eaten.
It’s skin is much softer and thinner and because of this little scratches while growing, or finger nail and impact damage while picking will cause it to make a small worty scar in that spot(see bottom right of picture), but they can just be knocked off with a peeler like the eyes on a potato with the rest of the fruit being entirely delicious.

It’s much smaller with an average size of about a large orange to a small grapefruit.
That’s a areal advantage though as it makes it way easier to fit in the fridge, and the plants crop very heavily despite the much smaller overall vine size.

In my experience the Japanese focus on food crops is always on quality over everything else, while ours is solely on resisting transport damage while trucking a million miles across the country, along with an ability to be cold stored for many months before eventual sale to the consumer.
With us here in Australia quality is unfortunately always a very distant second to these big chain supermarket requirements…

While it won’t handle rough handling and transport as well due to the much thinner skin, and in a warm climate like mine they will only store for 6-9months after picking at the very maximum, it’s way ahead of the field in taste and value per bin due to the smaller seed cavity and uniform round shape.
Add on the higher market value and these guys are a real winner I reckon!

Ideal for a suburban backyard or market gardener.
If you have an unused square meter or two of space, or a row you’re not sure what to do with these are the ideal candidate to fill it!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties no problems!!!