Leopard Ash Tree Flindersia Collina Seeds


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Leopard Ash Tree Flindersia Collina Seeds

Packet of 10+ wild harvested seeds!

This fella is also known by the following names. Broad-leaved leopard tree, bastard crows ash, leopardwood, leatherwood, broadleaved leopard tree, and the old synonum Flindersia strzeleckiana var. latifolia.

It is a beautiful local timber species with really interesting seeds pods that start off like a little pointy football later splitting and opening up like a flower.
They then drop their seeds which flutter to the ground drifting in the wind for considerable distances.

The flowers they makes are quite simple as individuals.
Five little petals radiating from the middle like a chunky little white cherry blossom.
The thing is, they make lots!
Bloody millions of them.

Every stem covered with flowers, and them inturn covered with every type of pollinating insect and native bee you can think of.
The whole tree buzzing, it’s really quite a sight to see.

The flowering lasts for a couple months generally in Spring-Summer and the rest of the year it provides shade and habitat for the critters.

Seed germination takes ~6weeks for me here with each seed buried a centimeter deep in sandy soil mix. Like a surfboard on its side.

Like other Flindersia Species, I am told it is an excellent timber. It’s native range includes NSW and QLD but it will handle anywhere with a warm climate and a well draining soil.

Wildharvested locally by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!