Giant Native Grape Legnephora Moorei Seeds


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Giant Native Grape Legnephora Moorei Seeds

Packet of 10+ freshly harvested seeds!

Lots of names for the awesome native climbing vine.
Round leaf vine, wild grape, big vine, big leaf, native grapes, big leaf vine, round leaf, Cebatha Diffusa, Cebatha Moorei, Cocculus Moorei, Legnephora Moorei Var. Moorei, Legnephora Moorei Var. Subacuta, Legnephora Moorei Var. Typica, Legnephora Moorii, Pericampylus Incanus, and Tristichocalyx Diffusus.

This fella is an ornamental only folks, not an actual edible table grape, just a cool looking climbing native.

It has been suspected of poisoning cattle in the past, but government feeding trials don’t support those suspicions.
It has also been suspected of making kids sick, but I mean, so can a big bellyfull of under-ripe table grapes? I clearly remember raiding local farms as a kid and several kilos later thinking I was gonna die the cramps were so bad.
Same again with plums and later again under-ripe apples, not such a fast learner…

The stem bark contains a chemical “isocorydine methiodide” that is toxic in high doses(it was chemically extracted from a 9kg sample of root bark) but that is about all the information on this one that I could find.

Pretty inconclusive either way in my opinion, and for that reason I do not suggest eating or ingesting this fella in any way, just not worth the risk. I would love to hear any info you may have about it, or seeing any links you may have.

Normally found in the rainforest areas on NSW and QLD, and it can climb way up the top of massive big trees.
Grows easily from seeds, but you need a male and a female to set seeds. Just plant a few seeds in each hole so you can be sure of getting both. I reckon they would be ideal to cover a big old dead gum tree in a paddock, give the critters a feed and somewhere to nest. The willy wag tails seemed to love nesting in them here, and the wild doves seem to love eating the fruit.

Wild harvested sustainably(also home grown), no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!