Teff Eragrostis Tef Xaafii Grass Seeds


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Teff Eragrostis Tef Xaafii Grass Seeds

Packet of 200+ Seeds!

First time grower of this fella, but so excited I decided to start selling some of my excess seeds now.
Actually, that isn’t entirely true.
I bought some seeds from USA at great expense three or four years ago and couldn’t get even one to strike, tried a whole heap of different soil mixes, even cold stratified some with no luck at all.
Same deal two years ago with a small amount I brought in from India.

This lot of seeds is originally from Africa, and either my gardening skills got vastly better, or these seeds are super fresh.
Near 100% strike rate!
EDIT* These seeds are mine and I have been growing them for half a dozen years now but just too lazy to update the advert…

Fantastic food crop, Gluten Free, and one of the next “super foods” by the look of things.
High fiber, protein, calcium and iron. It has a really delicious nuttiness to it and I eat a lot as is raw, or just chucked in a pan with a tsp of oil and a handful of herbs. Awesome crunchy texture and quite filling too.

It is most commonly called Eragrostis tef, Erogrotis tef, teff, teff grass, teff seed, Williams lovegrass, annual bunch grass, taf, ṭaff, or xaafii.

Native to Africa it is one of the oldest domesticated crops known to man with evidence of its cultivation going back to around 4000BC!

Even today it makes up more than 1/4 of the cereal produced in Ethiopia and there are trial crops already ongoing in Australia, USA, Asia, and many parts of Europe.

It does not like frost, but apart from that it can handle just about any soil conditions at all, and still crop out a reliable yield.

Big potential folks, mark my words!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!