Strawberry White Fruited Alpine Fragaria Vesca Seeds


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Strawberry White Fruited Alpine Fragaria Vesca Seeds

Packet of 50+ freshly harvested viable seeds.

These guys are great, surprisingly tasty.
Not as sour as the red ones, but definitely still delicious.
Apparently the birds, and blue tongue lizards don’t see them as clearly as the reds, and tend to leave them alone.

Where I have them in the greenhouse, up off the ground in pots I don’t have those issues, but I guess they are worth adding to your collection if you are having regular dramas with the critters.
Worth having anyway, and I for one would be happy to share them with the wildlife.

Not a very fat fruit, but no air pocket in the middle, full and long and tasty!

I reckon they look cool and would make a great ornamental, even if you didn’t eat them.

Being an older wilder strawberry variety, they don’t form many runners, so seed propagation is the way to go.

What I did was this>>> Takeaway container propagation tek. I half filled a 1liter plastic takeaway container with potting mix, then sieved some really fine stuff on top.
I then sprinkled the seeds on top of that really fine sieved soil, and gave it a little squirt of water to wash the seeds in.
I recommend an atomiser or spray pack, and they only need a couple tsps of water.
Don’t drown them, and remember the lid will keep that water trapped inside and circulating, so they only need a little and only need it the once.

I then wacked on the lid and 3weeks later I transplanted them into pots as per normal.

You have to be very delicate, but provided you take your time it really is very easy.

From my packet of 50ish seeds I got 45plants, but 15 got mangled (I was in a real hurry at the time) or cooked in the sun after transplant (I accidentally left them in full sun instead of the greenhouse for a few hours). Still, I was pretty happy with 30 healthy seedlings!

I reckon when you take into account the numbers possible, it’s a much faster method than runners if you’re after bulk fruit.

I also have lots come up in the pots from when the tiny seeds fall off the fruit naturally.

I just wait until those guys have about five proper leaves and then spread them out a bit, or move them to new pots.

You can use normal pots and put clingfilm over them while the seeds germinate too, or a cut in half soft drink bottle, or even just a normal a glass upside down as a humidity dome.

Lots of ways to do it, none right or wrong, I just use takeaway containers for convenience.

That’s about it really? Much easier than I thought they would be, and well worth the effort.

Glad to have them in the collection!