Petunia Multiflora Colorama Seed Mix


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Petunia Multiflora Colorama Seed Mix

Packet of 200+ seeds

This little beauty is about as tough as you can get.

No insect problems due to it being a tobacco relative, and nice tight growth keeping weeds down and shading the soil (helps retain soil moisture).

Large range of colours in this mixture, everything from bright whites, to pale pink, mauve, and even bright purple and maroon.

Petunias are always popular due to their drought tolerance, and this shorter formed type handles our flooding rains equally as well.

The blooms are long lasting and if you give the first flush a haircut it makes them flower more and last longer. Here in QLD we can do this a whole heap of times making the blooms last ages.

Pretty much a perennial. Ideal for beds or pots, we grow them directly in the ground here most of the time, just due to the no fuss attitude they have.

That’s pretty much it. Awesome flower display that lasts months, drought and flooding rain doesn’t faze them. No insect pests that we have noticed.

If you want an easy to grow flowering plant, then this is a pretty good choice!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!