Globe Amaranth Bachelor Button Gomphrena Globosa Seeds


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Globe Amaranth Bachelor Button Gomphrena Globosa Seeds

Packet of 100+ home grown seeds!

This guy is really popular and I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to list it in the website.

Spent ages trying to work out a way of cost effectively removing the hull, husk, fluff, without damaging the delicate seeds inside.

Still not 100% happy with the results but you guys keep asking, so here it finally is!

In the garden the fluffy husk doesn’t make any difference, as it soon washes away and breaks down to reveal the seed, but I just couldn’t really sell or measure the seeds when it was just a great big bucket of fluff.

When you grow the plants they are an annual, but as they produce so much seeds over such a long time you get a constant stream of little ones growing up to replace the ones that are finishing.

Each little seed is coated in a protective little pillow that needs to be rubbed, washed or blown of before it can germinate, so every little disturbance of the soil, or each time you pull out some grass or weeds, these fellas pop up to replace them with a patch of glorious colour!

Super hardy plants, and the blooms are like cardboard pompoms, so they dry out and last weeks without losing their bright colours. White pink and purple mauve are the dominant colours, but there is a bit of a range in between. Originally from Brazil, Panama and Guatemala, and in Trinidad the flowers are boiled to make a tea which is used for baby gripe, cough and diabetes. Not something I recommend in any way.

Common choice for flower arrangements due to it beauty and longevity.

There you have it. Another super hardy drought tolerant, long lasting ornamental flower.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!