Wand Moth Mullein Verbascum Virgatum Seeds

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Wand Moth Mullein Verbascum Virgatum Seeds

Packet of 200+ seeds of this interesting species!

It has an interesting form and is a really quite attractive addition we never really planned for.

I noticed the whole way down our driveway a row of “Mullien” type shoots that came up every wet season then persisted right up through the dry times only to be eventually killed by us driving over them everytime we went to town, or chewed back to a stump by the kangaroos when the feed runs out.

Really hardy with their furry leaf and large tap root, but not growing anywhere on the property or surrounding bush except for the whole length of the driveway.

I decided to move over a couple feet and drive beside a patch of them and see what they grew into.

Turns out it was these fellas!

Takes a couple years but they grow in to a great big furry strap leaves plant with a flower spike a couple meters long. Looks really cool and would be ideal for a rockery or near a bunch of cacti.

After a bit of research I have discovered it is a relative of the medicinal mullien, Verbascum thapsus, but this fella doesn’t have any specific history of traditional medicinal use itself.(Would love to be corrected on that, hit me up if you find a relevant link).

It is resistant to insect attack except for the seeds which a heap of different weevil like critters seem to love eating. Probably the reason it has never really established itself here at our place. It is super hardy, and it is extremely drought tolerant which is great, but it also has potential to be a bit weedy in some places.

Unlike Verbascum thapsus this fella isn’t a noxious weed and it is not declared in any state, but that said, keep it contained by deadheading the flower spike. No seed, no weed.

Cutting off the central flower spike is a great idea anyway as that long pole is great as a tomato stake.

Even better the plant will then throw 3-6 new flower spikes all radiating from the one point, and once they lengthen and begin to dry you can again cut the lot of just below the joint.

Turn it upside down and it is an instant teepee to grow vines up.

Known by a lot of names, Aaron’s rod, candle stick, purplestamen mullein, slender mullein, common mullein, green mullein, moth mullein, mullein, twiggy mullein, virgate mullein, and wand mullein, I really quite like it and will be planting a few more real soon.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!!