Seed Saving Plastic Baggies Bulk 1000x



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Seed Saving Plastic Baggies Bulk 1000x

10x packets of 100 individual plastic bags for a total of 1,000!!!
Australian delivery only due to high postage costs!
Each 2mm thick bag has 80mm x 52mm(2inch x 3inch) of usable space, and a ~12mm(.47inch) opening section.
See all those pictures, that is them and it works out to just 9cents8cents a bag including free Australian delivery.

Years ago I was buying these type of bag bulk direct from China, but unfortunately the quality dropped over time.
Eventually I just didn’t feel comfortable selling them at all..

They were still good enough for me to use, but only after I had thoroughly sorted through them…
But they had so many rejects and poorly made, unevenly sealed ones, that to call them “high quality” or sell them to you guys just wouldn’t have been right.

All these years I have been trying to find a quality product and a reliable supplier, and after having the same issues with inconsistency from at least half a dozen Chinese based manufacturers I have given up on the country completely.

It always seems after the first good quality batch, they change and cheapen the recipe, then stop all quality control. Super disappointing and bad business I personally reckon?

After looking all over Australia and still having no luck, a US friend and customer of ours recommended I try these FedEx, UPS, and USPS approved, American made ones.
I have to say, I am really really happy!

They seal very tightly, much better than all the others I have tried, and the plastic used is a little thicker and much harder to tear in comparison too.

These are not the delicate single use rubbish you commonly get from your local tobacconist, newsagent or discount $2 type shops, and as such I see no reason why they won’t last decades.

I have had to jack up the price a little as they cost me much more that they used to back in the day, but me personally, I would rather buy a quality product and not have to worry about it.

These are great quality, and for serious gardeners, seed savers, crafters, preppers, survivalists or folks in need of storage materials, a bulk pack or two of these should keep you busy for a while.
Cheaper too!

If 1000x is just too much for your needs I also sell smaller Packs of 100x Plastic Bags.

FREE Australian delivery to all states!

NOT FOR DELIVERY OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA due to the extra shipping costs.
If you really want to buy for international delivery please ask FIRST and I will work out the extra shipping costs and let you know. 🙂