Scutellaria Lateriflora Blue Mad Dog Skullcap Seeds


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Scutellaria Lateriflora Blue Mad Dog Skullcap Seeds

Packet of 75+ homegrown seeds!

This fella has as many traditional uses as it does common names.

It is known as helmet flower, blue pimpernel, blue skullcap, hoodwort, mad-dog weed, mad weed, quaker bonnet, side-flowering skullcap, Virginian skullcap, side flowering scullcap, scullcap, skullcap, or my personal favourite, mad dog skullcap.

It is a medicinal plant species that was traditionally used for treatment of pretty much everything including rabies, promoting menstruation, as a mild sedative, and is a powerful antispasmodic, diuretic, and general tonic.

It is said to both cause and cure convulsions, a treatment for delerium tremens during alcohol detox, lower tension and excitability, relive insomnia and restlessness , lessens the affects of epilepsy, headaches, neuralgia, rickets, spasms, rheumatism ,supports and strengthens as well as giving immediate relief from all chronic and acute diseases that affect the nerves, and regulate and stabilize sexual desires…

It is often used in modern witches flying spells and brews, in exchange for more Dangerous traditional plant species like Atropa belladonna~Deadly nightshade or Henbane~Hyoscyamus niger.

I often see it as a main ingredient in “stop smoking herb blends”, I guess because of the mild sedative action?

Never personally used it for any of that stuff so don’t recommend it in any way, and please note this plant like most things, is quite toxic in large amounts.
It can cause seizure and death..

I do reckon its a lovely little herb regardless though, and the flowers are a real favourite with the bees. Fast growing with lovely little blue flowers., and unlike a lot of species it can handle water logged areas, around ponds, watertanks, taps etc.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems no nasties no problems!!!