Eryngium Foetidum Culantro Cilantro Sawtoothed Coriander Seeds


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Sawtoothed Coriander Eryngium Foetidum Culantro Cilantro Seeds

Packet of 100+ freshly harvested seeds of this delicious tasting, underutilized herb!

This is not the other more common short lived annual Coriandrum sativum, this is an unrelated species that is much hardier.

It is native to Mexico and is most commonly known as alcanate, alcapate, awa phadigom, bahkhawr, bandhaniya, bhandhania, bilati dhonia, Burma dhania, chadron benee, chicoria, chicory, chillangua, cilantro, cilantro ancho, cilantro de monte, cilantro habanero, cilantro mexicano, cilantro sabanero, coentro-bravo, coentro do Para, coentro largo, coulante, culantro, culantro cimarron, culantro coyote, culantro de pata, culantro de Pata, duck tongue herb, Eryngium antihystericum, Farang’s coriander, fitweed, fitweed , foreign coriander, herbe a fer, ji ana, ji banla, ji barang, ji sankoech, ji yuon, jungle culantro, ketumbar java, langer koriander, long coriander, long leaf coriander, man dhonia, Mexican coriander, ngo gai, oregano de Cartagena, pak chi farang, phak chi farang, racao, recao, sacha culantro, samat, sawtoothed coriander, sawtooth or saw leaf herb, shado beni, sha maroi, shandon beni, shrub cilantro, snake weed, sneki wiwiri, spiny coriander, spiritweed, stinkweed, wild culantro, and its current Latin scientific name Eryngium foetidum translates to “foul smelling thistle”.
I much prefer the French “Chardon béni“ or Blessed thistle, as it really isn’t foul…

Don’t let the thistle bit put you off either.
Technically it is a thistle, much the same as technically bamboo are a grass.

This fella has a leaf structure and spikes like a thistle, but they are soft to the touch and I don’t need gloves or anything fancy to harvest it, treat it the same as every other herb.

It is used in heaps of of different places as the main flavouring of hundreds of different dishes and if you love coriander but struggle to grow it well or want a much longer harvest season, then this is the fella for you.

I love it, and I eat so much that it has taken me more than 5years to actually start selling the seeds to you guys!

Super easy to grow, just sprinkle the seeds into a large pot of sandy soil and keep moist for a couple months.
By that stage they should all be up and hardy enough to take care of themselves.
Grows so easy I have even heard of it being considered a weed in some gardens, though I really don’t see how you could even have too much of it!

Its a popular traditional medicine for malaria, snake bite, epilepsy, asthma, burns, earache, fevers, hypertension, constipation, stomachache, worms, infertility complications, snake bites, diarrhea, chills, vomiting, hypertension, headache, stomachache, arthritis, scorpion stings, and the natural anticonvulsive, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-convulsant, anti-clastogenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic and anti-bacterial activity of the main active ingredient Eryngial (E-2-dodecenal), are said to calm a person’s spirit preventing epileptic fits, along with numerous other positive effects.
That’s where the spiritweed and fitweed bit came from.

Naturally high in calcium, iron, carotene, riboflavin, it also contains decent amounts of protein and iron, along with numerous vitamins and trace elements, it really is quite nutrient dense for a herb.
I just eat it because it tastes great!

Anyway, here it is folks. Only got a few packs so best to be quick.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!