Morning Glory Scarlet O’Hara Pink Ipomoea Nil Seeds


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Morning Glory Scarlet O’Hara Pink Ipomoea Nil Seeds

Packet of 20+freshly harvested, organically grown seeds.

Lots of literature available online about this group of versatile and incredibly beautiful family of plants.

They attract masses of butterflies and small birds and look great, especially first thing in the morning. Giant pink to red flowers.

Really brightens up your day to cruise out first thing in the morning and see the sun shining and these guys in full bloom. Little native bees buzzing around everywhere. It puts a really positive spin on your day!

The large heart shaped leaf, and vigorous vine produces huge amounts of seed that spread easily throughout the garden, and the bright pink blooms look really cool!

That’s about it?

Oh yeah, There are quite a few different varieties of Morning glory and not all are weeds.
The weedy invasive ones are “Ipomoea cairica” and “Ipomoea indica”.
Both regrow easily from the roots and rarely set seed.
Spread by folks dumping garden clippings dumped in the bush most often. This one is the same family, but a distant far more manageable cousin.

It doesn’t regrow from the roots and is not considered a weed in any state of OZ.
It’s “Ipomoea nil” and not a threat at all.

Just another awesome variety of plant!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!