Rice Paddy Bean Vigna Umbellata Seeds


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Rice Paddy Bean Vigna Umbellata Seeds

Packet of 20+ seeds from this rarely available legume crop!

Very beautiful, delicious and very nutritious.
This one is another that is pretty hard to find in Australia, but well worth having in your collection!

Bright yellow flower, almost fluorescent(my photos really don’t do it justice), and many long thin beans that ripen over a long period.

They can be cooked at pretty much any time, fresh to order, as the plant has a very long harvest period, and, as it doesn’t compete with other plants it can be planted in empty spots in the garden bed.

There was a time that whenever I pull out a weed in an already established plot, I would plant a rice bean.
That way I would always have a constant supply.
these days I grow heaps of Interesting Vigna species, but these are still a real favourite of mine.

It gives a real boost the surrounding plants and shades out further weeds from establishing.

Provides a feed for me and the plants, and at the end of the season, it can just be dug in as a soil improver, or used as mulch, putting all the trace elements back into the plot, ready for the next crop!

They can be eaten fresh or cooked, as can the small shoots and leaves.

They are great in all Asian dishes, curries and even just boiled as a side with butter, salt and pepper!
Not commonly grown, but ideal for the average garden.

Great for all soil types, handling waterlogging really well too.
They are traditionally grow to provide nitrogen to crops and consistent food whilst the main crops grow.

Planted in between rice, corn, oats, sunflowers, sorghum, millet and other cereal crops it provides nitrogen to the soil, and a delicious convenient source of protein, amino acids, minerals and oils to subsistence farmers.

The main reason for it not being a commercial crop is a very long harvest period which is a HUGE advantage for the home gardener, and the totally dried pods shatter/explode on total ripeness making modern mechanical harvest nearly impossible.

Really easy to hand pick though, and you can pick the one plot for months.
Major improver of soils, and quite ornamental too.
Bloody awesome in our opinion!!!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!