Loofa Sponge Gourd Luffa Aegyptiaca Vine Seeds


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Loofa Sponge Gourd Luffa Aegyptiaca Vine Seeds

It’s a packet of 10+ seeds for you to grow your own vine!

As the name suggests, it’s the vine that grows the “Loofa” or “Luffa” or “Lufa” of “Loofah” or whatever you want to call it!

You know the one, that great organic exfoliator used for millennia by millions, all around the world.

Even with our vast array of modern technology, you still can’t get a better one.

It’s rough, yet soft, it’s coarse and mildly abrasive, yet delicate on skin. Perfect for washing the dishes with too.

They do a better job washing cars and trucks that the traditional chamois, never ever, leaving scratches.

Great for nonstick fry-pans as it doesn’t take the surface off them, yet the fibres trap the baked on residue and grease, and then they rinse clean like new!

One sponge lasts for months and months, and if you grow just one vine of them, you can get a full years supply, for a couple bucks! More than you could ever use.

And even more importantly, you can eat them!

They really are good, especially when they are small. 10cm is about the perfect size

They are a member of the cucumber family, so just use them like a zucchini or squash. The leaves can be eaten too, in stir-fries and the like, just fry them up as normal.

The flower is great too. Bright yellow and about 6cm diameter.

Well there you have it, loofa seeds for you to grow your own vine!

And when you think about it, there aren’t many plants that are super easy to grow, taste great, big crops, pretty flowers, and you can wash your car, your dishes, and your face with!!!

It’s a total bargain in my humble opinion………

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!