Glochidion Ferdinandi Buttonwood Cheese Tree Seeds


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Glochidion Ferdinandi Buttonwood Cheese Tree Seeds

Packet of 25+ home grown or locally wild-harvested seeds!

Beautiful native tree that grows really easily.
Locally it is normally growing along the creeklines and gullies of remnant bushland and cattle blocks.

It produces and interesting looking pod that looks like a pumpkin or a wheel of cheese that has been wrapped and tied with string.

This isn’t Noni fruit the other Cheese Trees.

The red powder covered seeds fall out when the pod splits open and the way it stains the hands makes me think it would make a decent dye?
Reminds me very much of Mallotus philippensis Red Kamala.

The seeds germinate easily with no pre-treatment at all, and here they are ready to fend for themselves just 6months after planting provided they are planted in a nice moist shady spot.

The one thing I better mention is that the seeds themselves are a pain in the butt to sort.

This won’t be an issue for you guys as you’re probably not going to need to collect the seeds any time soon, but I mention it because there are at least 25 viable seeds in the pack, but there are also a few duds and a few bits of twig and stem that won’t effect germination at all.
It could upset your local quarantine service so keep this in mind.
Look at the picture gallery examples, that is what you are buying.

If I took the time to get them perfect I would have to jack up the price or make the packets stingy, whereas like this you get a decent packet of seeds + a little other crap as mulch too.

Just sprinkle the packet onto a nice sandy soil mix, water well, and keep warm.
The good seeds will germinate over the next couple months and the other plant matter will just become compost.

Back to the plant.
It’s a lovely looking tree that handles the dry times well, but also survives being completely underwater for days at a time during the big floods we get here.
It has a thick spreading rootmass that holds the creekbanks very well preventing erosion, it lives up to 60years, and it isn’t killed by bushfire.

Native to NSW and QLD and they provide a heap of food for the doves, figbirds and especially the local king parrots.

Apparently the pods are also sold in potpourri as Putka Pods or carved like mini pumpkins for Halloween decorations.
If you look them up on Pinterest there are a heap of creative folks out there making use of them.

Common names include water gum, button wood, pencil cedar, jow-war, rain tree, and they have also been known by the botanical synonums Phyllanthus ferdinandi, Diasperus ferdinandii, Glochidion ferdinandii var. minor, Glochidion ferdinandii var. pubens, Phyllanthus ferdinandii, and Phyllanthus ferdinandii var. minor.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically or occasionally wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!