Sesame Indicum Black Sesame Seeds


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Sesame Indicum Black Sesame Seeds

Packet of 30+ seeds so you can grow your own too!

Now I have been growing the white sesame for ages now, but this black one has been very elusive.
For years now I have tried and failed to grow every single one I could get my hands on.

I’ve had dozens of folks hassling me for them too and if you are one of those folks sorry it’s taken me so long…

Anyway, not to worry, I have the White Sesame Seeds For Sale here, and you can now buy the Black seeds too!
If either are “Sold out” when you get here just wack your email on the waiting list and I will email you when I restock.
Shouldn’t be too long as we grow heaps of both types on rotation.

Black sesame have been considered a medicinal plant for generations and are traditionally known as Semen Sesami in old medical texts, or by the synonums Sesamum africanum, Sesamum occidentalis, Sesamum oleiferum, Sesamum orientale, Dysosmon amoenum, Volkameria orientalis, with the currently accepted as correct name being Sesame Indicum.

They are also known as acchellu, ajonjoli, ajonjuli, aljonjole, aljonjoli, ashadital, bariktil, cay vung, cham-kkae, chamggae, chhawchii, dee la, ellu, gergelim, ggae, ggaessi, gingelly, gingli, hac chi ma, haholi, hangsi, harilik seesam, hei zhi ma, hint kuncutu, hu ma, indinis sezamas, jijiri, ji mah, jonjole, jonjoli, jugeoline, juljulan, kali til, kashuma, khyuma, kkae, kuncut, kunji, kunjid, kunjuti, kunzhit sesam, kunzut, kunzuut, linga, me, met nga, nei, nga, nuvvulu, oke, ridi, seasaman, seesami, semsem, sesam, sesami, sesamo, sesamon, sesamzaad, sesham, setse, sezam, sezama, sezamas, sezama sedklas, sezam indicky, sezam indyjski, sezamove seminko, shirbakhti, shirbakht i, shirbaxti, shooshma; shushmayi kut, shooshmayi good, shumshum, shushma, sim, simsim, sousami, spin, ssisaem, sumsum, susam, susamen, susan, suzam,suzami, szezamfu, szezammag, teel, telu, thilam, thileyokoli, til, tila, til kara, till, tillu, tilmin, ufuta, vanglo, vung, wijen, wuh ma, wuh mah, yellu, zelzlane, zhi ma, zi ma, zi moa etc.

This fella has more than double the oil content of Soy, up to 50% which is one of the the highest oil contents of any seed crop.
The oil is a vert stable form meaning it has a very long shelf life, far longer than most other common oil crops.
The reason for it’s stability and very long shelf like is the natural antioxidants sesamin, sesamolin, and sesamol which are only found in Sesame seeds.
These are also said to be very good for us humans too!

It’s a great little plant, it’s super productive and we use it all the time in everything from noodles, salads, tapas, for frying, spreads like tahhinni, dips, marinades, you name it, black sesame seeds are an ideal accompaniment.

Having more than 4000years of documented use it is one of the hardiest of all high energy crops.
Forget the traditional crops like wheat and corn if SHTF, sesame is what you want to grow, especially in a hot dry climate like Australia!

Why not just buy a couple hundred grams from the store to get you started?
I thought the same thing, but after buying many different brands and varieties in bulk or food size packets, from health food shops, supermarkets, Asian grocery stores, and online, both here and all over the world, I have come to the conclusion that the store stuff must have been treated and just doesn’t grow?
Never had one seed strike off many millions of seeds.

I was given seeds specifically to grow a couple years back(love barter/swapping seeds!) after all those failures, and I have been growing my own ever since.

Oh yeah, you might also be wondering about the color and the odd light coloured seeds in my packs?
The internet tells me>>>
“After harvesting, the seeds are usually cleaned and hulled. Once the seeds have been hulled, they are passed through an electronic colour-sorting machine that rejects any discolored seeds to ensure perfectly coloured sesame seeds. This is done because sesame seeds with consistent appearance are perceived to be of better quality by consumers, and sell for a higher price. Immature or off-sized seeds are removed and used for oil production. The world traded over a billion dollars worth of sesame seeds in 2010. The trade volume has been increasing rapidly in the last two decades.”

There you have it, the humble black sesame seed.
I am sure you guys must have heard of it and eaten them before, so why not have a crack at growing them too?

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no dramas!!!