First Fleet Heirloom Lettuce Lactuca Sativa Seeds


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First Fleet Heirloom Lettuce Lactuca Sativa Seeds

Packet of 100+ very rarely available seeds!

This is an awesome addition to my garden and I am super happy to be having so much success with it.
I was given it a few times over the years previously just my own mismanagement(drought, road trips and general laziness) meant it unfortunately died out.
Not to worry, I got some more as trade with a customer recently and I’m been growing heaps this time!

I am determined not to ever lose it again, and because of the hardiness of this lot I really reckon that won’t be hard.
It seems like a much better line that the ones I had previously, and it’s way more drought and insect tolerant than I remember?

The growth is loose leaf making harvest super easy over a very long time.
All you do is pull off the outside leaves and it just keeps growing more from the centre making it ideal for the suburban kitchen garden.

The flavour is great too. It’s a mild Butter Leaf type of taste, crossed with an Iceberg, but the shape of a Cos.
The best bits of everything really?

Even better it isn’t a cross or a hybrid, its actually an old heirloom that was brought over on the first fleet and first grown in Sydney Australia back in 1788!
This means you can save your own seeds!

Having been here for a couple hundred years and grown by many many generations of folks it is ideal for the vast range of Aussie conditions.
It didn’t get hit by cut worms when the nearby kale, tomatoes and eggplant all got hammered, and when I ran a little drought trial out of curiosity it stayed productive and usable for way longer when the other lettuce just wilted burnt and collapsed.
I’m a big fan and I am really glad to have this fella back in my collection.

Grown by us organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!