Daikon Long Japanese Radish Raphanus Sativus Seeds


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Daikon Long Japanese Radish Raphanus Sativus Seeds

Packet of 30+ seeds of the true Japanese style radish!

Lots of different varieties of radish seeds around, so it took us a while to find this one.

This is the really huge and tender one that has the delicious fish bone shaped leaf.
This is not the “inferior” smaller, rounded leaf variety that seems to be sold everywhere as “Japanese Daikon”, much to the Mrs’s annoyance…

This big fella does grow a little slower, but it is much sweeter, straighter and doesn’t get much of that woody core like the others, even if left to get massive. Really long harvest period and the leaf is really good just quickly pan fried with a little soy sauce and garlic.

It is considered a warming food and is very easy to digest, so it’s great for invalids and sick folks.

It can be grated and used in salads and purees, much like a tender carrot or beetroot. Boiled in a good stock it is awesome, just melts in your mouth. Fresh grated it is a perfect side dish for all meats and fish and not only is a great match flavour wise, it also helps to break down the proteins making digestion easier, and gives a bigger uptake of nutrition.

Great for long term storage as you can slice or grate and dry it, or even better, it can be pickled or brined in a million different ways.

This is a perfect first crop as the deep roots help break up the heavy soils and it draws moisture and minerals from way down deep. It is nearly always the first crop in the rotation when we make a new raised bed, or dig a new row, and it is the variety made famous by legendary “no dig” organic gardening gurus like Masanobu Fukuoka.
Not only does it stabilise the soil and sink a tap root down deep to take up nutrition from the lower levels of the soil, its huge leaf mass shades out nearly all weed competition.

You can harvest these delicious leaves gradually from the first month of growth onward, and you can start thinning the crop from about six to eight weeks.

Daikon folks, better get a pack or two..

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!