Blue Flax Lily Dianella Species Brevipedunculata Seeds


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Blue Flax Lily Dianella Species Brevipedunculata Seeds

Packet of 50+ seeds.

This guy is one of my favourite bush tucker plants, and I look forward to picking a heap every year.
Sweet juicy, bright blue, purple berries, quite watery and hard to transport, but really delicious, and heaps of them.

I love the sweet little buggers!
BUT, first of all I had better start with a WARNING, so pay close attention folks.

I am 98% sure this is Dianella Brevipedunculata, and every year I eat heaps of it, bucketful’s, have done for years, with no ill effects at all.
Many sources say, the attractive blue fruits and shiny black seeds of most Dianella species are eaten raw.
They have a sweet flavour, which becomes nutty once the seed is chewed. The roots of some of these lilies can be eaten after pounding and roasting.

That said, I could be wrong on the ID and there are relatives like Dianella Tasmanica that are quite poisonous and purgative. Or, I may have the ID correct, but you may just be allergic to it.

The QLD Poisons mob says “Dianella species. Berries are regarded as poisonous although evidence is limited to a few circumstantial cases; no clear exposure and effect has been seen. Reported symptoms include difficulty breathing, hiccups and dizziness.”

SO, for that reason I do not suggest you eat the berries, not even a taste, I suggest you tell your kids not to either, and I am only selling this fella as a native ornamental.

That is plenty of reason to grow it though as it is really drought tolerant, lived through the big floods no dramas at all, frost tolerant, the birds love the berries, it gives a home to the critters, never needs looking after or pruning, and it’s just an all round awesome plant.

Easy to grow. I just stuck seeds in good soil 5mm deep, watered every second day and a month- six weeks later I had a carpet of little seedlings ready to transplant.

Wildharvested sustainably, and sometimes home grown, no chems no nasties no problems!!!