Lagenaria Siceraria Gooseneck Gourd Calabash Seeds


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Lagenaria Siceraria Gooseneck Gourd Calabash Seeds

Packet of 10+ organically grown seeds!

This unusual looking gourd species is very cool and super productive.
I got these in barter from a customer years ago which is the main way I get cool new species for the collection, but unfortunately I can’t remember who it was or where they were originally from…
They just ended up being one of the randoms in my “Unknown seeds to be planted” box.
That thing is like the Magic Pudding, and I don’t think I am ever gonna get them all planted.

Anyway, thank you very much who every you are, we are finally putting them to good use!

A bit of Googling tells me that the botanical name is Lagenaria siceraria, and like the Hairy Melon they are normally considered “edible”.
Unlike it, these guys are normally grown as an ornamental or crafting item, not as a staple food crop, and you shouldn’t really eat them especially if they are bitter.
All bitter Lagenaria sp. should be considered toxic.
Think green skinned potatoes, same sort of situation.

These guys are still useful though, and they are most often allowed to fully ripen and dry out, before being hollowed then used as bird houses, water or grain scoops, or just lacquered, painted, carved or burnt with intricate designs.

Common names vary, but these seem to be the main ones.
Acocote, almindelig flaskegræskar, bellashora, birdhouse gourd, bitter calbash gourd, bottle gourd, bules, cajombre, calabaza, chura, churakka, drinking gourd, dudhi, flaskkurbits, garadudi, garra, gorljanka, guajes, guicharo, guiro, guiro amargo, hardshell gourd, hard shell gourd, hue, ipu, kaippachura, kaippan, kalbas, kalebasa, kalebass, khongdrum, ladu, lady-fern, lauki, lauki, lopotok, maranka, marimbo, opo squash, pechura, peechura, penguin gourd, pitcher gourd, pullokurpitsa, sorakkaya, sorekayi, tiktalabu, tumada, uahes, or white flowered gourd, with very heated debate about which one is really truly correct.
It is also occasionally know by the synonums Cucurbita lagenaria, Lagenaria leucantha, and Lagenaria vulgaris.

We grew a heap just because, and now the chooks are eating a couple every week.
I just crack the super hard shell on the edge of the concrete, then check them in the chook pen when locking them up at night.
They clean them out it perfectly in no time at all, making a hell of a racket in the process!

We have also put a few aside to try our hand at hollowing them and doing something arty later on down the track. Haven’t decide what yet?

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!