Panda Ying Yang Orca Frost Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds


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Panda Ying Yang Orca Frost Bean Phaseolus Vulgaris Seeds

Packet of 10+ bean seeds!

Another great great heirloom variety that is well worth adding to the collection.

Seen them called panda beans, ying yang beans, orca(killer whale) bean, frost bean, and they are actually a Phaseolus vulgaris, just a much rarer, cool looking relative of the Kidney bean. I challenge you to find a cooler looking bean, it just isn’t possible.

Great tasting too.
Just prepare them as you would any other green bean.
We eat lots of them small straight off the vine, or wait until they get big and boil them up in soups, stews, or even slow cook with tomatoes like the baked beans in a can.

Very popular in China and Japan, and as a delicious novelty crop in the USA and the UK. (Also illegal to import to OZ without a costly permit, and a forest of paperwork. Found that out the hard way a few years ago…)

Very easy to grow, and large returns off just a few plants.
This packet is plenty to get you started as they yield really well.
Makes a great plant for kids and as a gift for gardening friends. Grows fine in a pot still producing a decent amount of beans so perfect for folks that live in rental properties or in the city.
We use polystyrene broccoli boxes and grow the vines up a piece of cotton string tied to the guinea pig and chook houses.
Gives them shade, gives us and them a feed and saves space.

The stems, shells, pods and the root system releases valuable nitrogen into the soil feeding nearby plants. For this reason, we normally grow a few of these and a melon or Cucumber in the same box.

The finished plants rot down quickly and its great for providing “humus” (carbon, fibre and other micro nutrients needed for ideal plant development). The same box of soil can be used again and again with very few inputs that way. Just mix in the finished vines, add a handful of compost and a handful of fresh soil to top the box up, wack in some more seeds and you’re good to go.

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!