Hairy Melon New Guinea Bean Lagenaria Siceraria Seeds


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Hairy Melon New Guinea Bean Lagenaria Siceraria Seeds

Pack of 10+ seeds from this awesome addition to any garden!

They look really cool, so cool in fact, that I would grow them just as a gourd even if they were not bloody delicious!

If you let them get huge and hard, then slice them down the middle they are great food bowls for the chooks and guinea pigs. Cut the top off scoop out the pulp and pack them with potting mix and they make a really cool looking pot for orchids and succulents.

Some grow to around a meter long. If you grow them on a trellis and they will hang dead straight like a baseball bat. Grow them like a pumpkin on the ground they curve like a banana.

The main thing we do with them is eat the buggers!

Cooked they taste quite good, like a zucchini or squash really, but not as watery.

I like them raw best! Great sort of spongy texture and it’s really refreshing. Sort of like watermelon or green coconut, but savoury not sugary sweet. Just crisp, juicy and delicious!

The whole plant is useful. You can cook and eat the beautifully white flowers, young shoots and buds! The leaves are great for wrapping up vegetables, lentils, beans and meat for baking, poaching or deep frying.

Cook the young fruits whole like zucchini or squash when they are less than 30cm long. They are best peeled first like a carrot when they get to be about 50cm long. After that they are still great, just the skin goes really hard and woody and its near impossible to peel it. Just roughly chop and cook as normal, then eat around it like a crab.

Cool looking vine with fine velvet on the leaves that seems to stop the bugs attacking them. The fine velvety down/hairs on the fruit fall off as the fruit matures or can be peeled with a standard peeler when they are young.

Plant one in the corner of your garden and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!