Spiky Indian Cucumber Cucumis Anguria Seeds


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Spiky Indian Cucumber Cucumis Anguria Seeds

Packet of 50+ freshly harvested home grown seeds!

Really beauty this fella, every home should have a couple.
Super prolific, non-acidic cucumber.

This is often called Indian Cumber, despite being African, and I think the reason is to separate it from the other well known spiky cucumber the Kiwano.
It doesn’t need trellising like the modern hybrids but you can if you want.
It does make picking easier, but not a lot of difference in growth.
It grows fast and fruits heaps no matter what you do.

You should get about ~100 small cucumbers off just the one well looked after vine grown in a large pot.
I just use 9Lt buckets with a drainage hole, and as the vine grows I just wind it round and round the pot..
If grown directly in the dirt or in a larger pot and given a bit of water every now and then you could even get more!

The trick is to wait until it grows a few fruit then snap the soft lush ends/tips off the vine.
This little stress makes it fruit and reshoot again and that extends the harvest time for months plus more than doubling the yield here for us.

They look spiky but the “spines” are just soft rubbery projections. Eat the whole thing, sking, seeds flesh, raw, pickled or cooked as a vegetable.
Awesome in a spicy curry.

Great for pickling due to quantity and size of fruit. Great for salads and dips due to quality of flavour.
They never get bitter or acidic like other types can be.(especially if they get sun damaged).

Great variety for folks in flats or units renting in the city.
I eat a couple every day as I cruise around the garden.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!