Rockmelon Cucumis Melo Rock Melon Seeds


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Rockmelon Cucumis Melo Rock Melon Seeds

Packet of 12+ seeds of this awesome tasting, easy to grow fruit.

Plenty to get you stared!

These rockmelon absolutely do rock! There is nothing I do not like about them.

Small vine with lots of huge aromatic juicy sweet fruit. So much tastier, than the under-ripe supermarket rubbish! The home grown taste of a perfectly ripened one just doesn’t compare!

Not sure of the exact cultivar, but I can tell you they are sweet and productive, and they seem to ripen over a longer time than other named varieties of vine we have grown in the past?

Often we have several fruit ripening on the one vine, ending up ready a month or so apart, which is huge bonus for home gardeners like us!

The ONLY problem we have ever had with them is the bloody Bettongs always seem to beat us to the biggest ones!

They can smell a ripe melon for miles it seems, and as we don’t harm any of the critters here, it always ends up a bit of a race to get to the best fruit.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!