Black Jap Pumpkin Cucurbita Moschata Seeds


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Black Jap Pumpkin Cucurbita Moschata Seeds

Packet of 10+ hard to find seeds.
We originally got it of a local farmer here that’s been saving seed from this variety of Jap/Kent Pumpkin for years.
Sells very well at the markets, easily twice as popular than the standard Jap or Kents with the locals, as they taste much more, pumpkiny?
Seriously they do!
Attractive glossy green to black skin that gets a white smokey look to as they ripen up.
Much tastier than the supermarket Jap/Kent and I suspect they have a higher brix too?
It’s down side is size variability, so you get a heap of small ones, a few medium and a few really large.
That size variability, is the only reason for it not being taken up by the big chain suppliers, or so I’m told.
Keeps for months without losing any flavour, or becoming woody like some other types of Jap or Kent pumpkins can.
It may look similar than the others, but when you taste the stringless bright orange flesh, you will know why we are so happy with this one!!!
It’s definitely one of our favourites
Never had any powdery mildew, or disease issues and the flowers and new shoots are delicious fried with garlic and butter.
The whole pumpkin plant is edible and a traditional green vegetable in Africa.
We make Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Tempura, even boiled, roasted, fried and mashed!
Black Jap is an awesome breed and we highly recommend it!
Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!