Leichardt Bean Cassia Brewsteri Cigar Cassia Seeds


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Leichardt Bean Cassia Brewsteri Cigar Cassia Seeds

Packet of 10+ easy to grow, ready to plant seeds!

This beautiful native tree is always popular.
Common in parks and gardens and in farmland as a shade tree, it can be found all throughout Queensland.

It flowers during summer and produces masses of long pendulous sprays of yellow and red flowers that really attract native bees, and the birds too.

After the flowers the seed pods are produced and these provide a lot of food for the wildlife, especially parrots, pigeons, cuckoos, silver eyes and native Australian ravens.

Occasionally I see it labelled as Cassia brewsterii, with an extra “i”, Cathartocarpus brewsteri it’s old botanic name, or by one of the many common names like Brewster’s Cassia, Cigar Cassia, Leichardt bean, Cassia pea, and even just Bean Tree.

It can handle a bit of frost and long hot dry periods, and in parts of the world it is a common container plant, looking great in a large pot.

If you are after a nice big shade tree, this is a great choice.

Despite others saying otherwise this really is an easy tree to grow. There is a trick to it though. Inside the large pods are smallish spongy segments that look a lot like a seed.
These are the protective covering of the seeds.

This protective layer is designed to stop the seed germinating straight away, and if planted like that they will take many months.

It is designed to delay germination, and it does its job very well.

You have to remove this outside covering to get at the viable seed inside(like in the picture), and trust me when I say it is a bit of a pain in the arse to do without crushing the delicate seed inside.

Not to worry, I have already done it for you. All ready to rock!

All you need to do is stick these guys in the ground, should be popping in a couple weeks.

Wildharvested locally, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!