Lavender French Spanish English Lavandula Stoechas Seeds


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Lavender French Spanish English Lavandula Stoechas Seeds

Packet of 100+ home grown seeds!

Years ago it was decided that we needed to grow Lavender.
So with no research at all I got online and bought 6 different types of seeds all at random from different sellers.
I planted them all mixed together in trays, and was expecting to have a few different rows spread out by variety across the farm. Fast forward a year later there were only a few dozed plants left. Flooding followed by dry times had taken care of the rest!
I though, “Well at least I will get a few different forms”.
It wasn’t until they got bigger that I confirmed there was only this one type left..
I have done a bit of reading since then and have discovered that this super hardy type is know as French Lavender, Spanish Lavender, and apparently in France it is know as “English Lavender”, even though its actually from the Mediterranian?
Confusing stuff, but loved all over the world!!!
This is the preferred type for harsh conditions as once it’s up, it needs no care at all. It is even considered a weed in places.
We don’t even have to water ours, and it flowers consistently and really beautifully several times year.
Smells awesome and it is perfect for adding some oomph to homemade shortbread. With this type it is easier to remove the buds from the stem, and that makes baking, oil distillation and potpourr making much easier than most other varieties.
It has great consistency with its progeny, unlike the fancier hybrid forms you get in stores, where 50 seeds will get you 20 slightly different forms of the plant, (making them pretty useless as mass planting or hedges).
These guys look just like Mum and Dad, and all their brothers and sisters too!
Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!

“NOT FOR Victorian, South Australian, Western Australian or Tasmanian delivery due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to buy anyway, despite me politely asking you not to, I will NOT be sending this item and you will receive a substitution of my choosing. 🙂