Lycium Barbarum Red Goji Wolf Berry Seeds


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Lycium Barbarum Red Goji Wolf Berry Seeds

Packet of 120+ seeds of this amazing Medicinal fruit and salad crop!

Early fruit at a year or two of age by the best harvests starting at about the fourth year.

They grow much like a crab apple really, except they taste good!

The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, and are described as minty with a little aniseed heat. Hard to explain, but I guess I would agree?

They are traditionally used as a salad green in the most fancy restaurants in China throughout the warmer months, and then as a dried soup or tea herb in the colder months. The berries themselves are just a bonus.

Most commonly grown in China, Mongolia and Tibet.

These seeds in particular are from all the way in Tibet. (Thank you very much “Fai”. Best of luck with the Capparis arborea!)

I have started heaps of them myself, and they are surprisingly easy. (Put 5seeds in a pot 1cm deep, water, and wait. Takes about a month here)

Very nutritious with just 100grams of sun dried fruit, containing 10% of you daily Calcium, 24% of your Potasium, 100% of your Iron Needs, 18% of your Zinc, and 91% of your daily Selenium!

It also contains 100% of your B2, 32% of your Vitamin C, and HEAPS of Vitamin A, and Beta-Carotene, particulary as Zeaxanthin. One of the main reasons it is famed as a treatment and preventative measure for cancer of the eye, and premature blindness.

It is often marketed as a “Super Fruit”, and there are lots of products out there saying the benefits of the Wolf Berry are the sole reason why a famous Chinese man named Li Qing Yuen who ate the berries daily, lived to the incredible age of 256 years!

Apparently living from 1677 to the winter of 1933….

Not sure about that, but they are pretty damn tasty!

They handle heavy frost and searing heats, and are used in revegetation of arid desert areas. Temperatures of -10c to 30c+ with no dramas at all so the internet tells me.

There you go folks.

Goji or Wolf berry seeds, sent fresh to me all the way from Tibet, from an awesome customer of ours!