Hibiscus Mutabilis Rose of Sharon Confederate Rose Seeds


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Hibiscus Mutabilis Rose of Sharon Confederate Rose Seeds

Packet of 150+ Seeds!

Large shrub or tree with massive amounts of huge blooms.

As the name “mutabilis” suggests, these fellas change color throughout the day.

The flowers are a crisp pristine white in the morning, but throughout the day the flower brightens up and changes to all the shades of pink then it deepens and darkens before closing in the afternoon.

Big smooth maple shaped leaves, about as big as a dinner plate, flowers are saucer sized, or even a little bigger at times. It handles frost ok, dropping it’s leaves and going dormant, but in warmer climates like mine it pumps all year round. The leaves and roots are said to be edible, never tried it myself, and like most Hibiscus Species the bark makes a great rope or tie for other plants and vines.

Sometimes known as the Rosemallow, Cotton wood, Dixie rose, Dixie rosemallow or the Cotton rosemallow, this fella is really quite common, often a feature plant in parks and gardens from the middle of NSW and right up the coast.

Originally from China and considered a medicinal species in its native homeland, but now it is highly valued as an ornamental all over the world.

Hardy, frost, drought, flood tolerant, beautiful, easy to grow, and if you feel the need you can even make a bit of rope out of it.

Wildharvested locally, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!