Papalo Porophyllum Coloratum Seeds


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Papalo Porophyllum Coloratum Seeds

Packet of 15+ home grown seeds!

Rarely seen in Australia, this South American herb has a really unique flavour and aroma that is a perfect match for vegetarian bean and lentil dishes. Very similar to Quillquina~Porophyllum ruderale but with a larger leaf and flower, and slightly slower growth.

Some say its like a spicy coriander, but to be honest I can’t even describe it really. It is good, bloody good, and you can definitely use it as a substitute, but in my opinion it is much better. It’s got a funky sort of spicy muskiness to it that I really like.

Grows very easily, and with flowers and pods much like Tagetes species. Very drought tolerant, and very easy to grow this fella is worth addition to any herb or vegetable garden. Self-seeds if you let it, so once established it’s something you can really let it do its own thing.

Another thing I have noticed is a strong insect repellant effect with only the occasional cut worm having a chew, and it seems to even keep the grasshoppers away from nearby leafy Brassica crops. The closer they are to these guys, the less damage. Really quite dramatic the difference.

Plant them really shallow in a loose sandy soil mix then water really well until established. After that they are pretty hard to kill. Germination takes 3-8weeks here for me, and after that the growth is really rapid. Each plant produces a lot of seeds so you only need a couple plants to get you started with these guys.

NOT FOR WESTERN AUSTRALIA or TASMANIA due to added expense and drama involved.

If you decide to try and buy anyway, this item will not be sent. 🙂