Cocky Apple Billygoat Plum Planchonia Careya Seeds


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Cocky Apple Billygoat Plum Planchonia Careya Seeds

Packet of 10+ organic seeds!

This small undervalued tree is known by the traditional names of mangal, pamkujji, wulngum, pindaylany, but most commonly by cockatoo apple, billygoat plum, and most common of all, the cocky apple.

It is an edible fruiting native, with a flavour like a floury apple or quince, and beautiful white and pink nocturnal flowers.

The bark can be crushed and used as a fish poison or soap, as the Australian Aboriginals did for millenia, and it is said to be useful for healing infection and sores, especially tropical ulcers.

Super hardy when established and fast growing, so much so that it often out competes traditionally more valued hardwoods and grasses. For this reason some folks consider them a pest or weed.

Over population only occurs where surrounding species have been removed or destroyed by over grazing, but despite this they have got a bit of a bad wrap in some areas.

Valued in revegetation works due to their hardiness, soil holding ability, and because they are an important food for many many native critters.

Quite a multipurpose tree, and well worth having.

Wild harvested sustainably, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!