Lycopersicon Lycopersicum Roma Tomato Seeds


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Lycopersicon Lycopersicum Roma Tomato Seeds

Packet of 50+ home grown seeds!

This world famous Italian style tomato is great for canning and preserving. Low seed and moisture count means richer, thicker pasta sauces, a naturally higher sugar content, and a much shorter cooking time. They peel easily and can be used when deep red as is traditional, or when green for jams, relishes and chutneys.

The absolute best of all the tomatoes, if you want to use them for long-term storage and preserves. Great sundried, cooked into a rich sweet deep red concentrated paste, or just boiled for a couple hours with some garlic, onion and herbs for a fantastic pizza sauce like in the picture.

The plant is not especially large, making it great for pots and tubs, and the yield you can get is quite impressive for the size of the fruit and vine. Naturally resistant to diseases like Verticillium and Fusarium wilt, and less prone to blossom end rot than many others like the San Marzano variety.

For that reason it is a better choice for harder conditions, poorer soils or folks like me that forget to water….

Grown by us organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!