Cannibal Tomato Solanum Viride Uporo Seeds


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Cannibal Tomato Solanum Viride Uporo Seeds

Packet of 10+ super rare seeds!
Just had to have this just from the history alone!

It’s a “cannibal tomato” as in, it was traditionally eaten by Fijian cannibals along with people meat.

Originally they wrapped the meat of slain enemies in the leaves and roasted on stones in the fire, later they used the big pots they traded with the Bêche-de-mer fishers to first cook the man meat(like in the cartoons).
They then served it with the greens and cooked fruit of the plant, basically like a tomato pasta sauce.

Now while I have never eaten people myself and can’t imagine a time when i will have to, it’s cool to know I will have something to make a nice tomato style sauce with, if ever the time comes…
Pretty cool piece of history, and an equally cool plant.

As this is a very undomesticated form of Solanum, it is very important to not use it as a basis to any meal, or eat more than a pinch at a time.
They may be genetic variation that cause mildly toxic compounds to be formed, and for that reason it should be treated as a novelty only.
Carefully have a nibble if you want, just don’t eat a heap at once as being entirely new, your body may react badly to it. Stomach ache, headache etc, that sort of thing.

I have eaten small amounts of the cooked fruit and fried leaves many times now without dramas, just be aware it is not the same as a supermarket tomato, and you should really handle it sensibly and with care.
Some folks eat the leaves raw, but they really are best cooked, a lot like eggplant, as is the fruit really. Oil, garlic, leaves, its pretty good, like kale chips.

Heap of names, here are a few of them. Cannibal cherry, Garland Berry, Necklace Pepper, Borodina, Poro‘iti, Poroporo, Polopuka, Polo Ite, Polo Tonga, Mbor, Mboro ndina, Porohiti, Solanum anthropophagorum, Solanum patameense, Solanum polynesicum, Solanum savaiense, Solanum uporo and the latest accepted name, Solanum viride.
There you go, pretty cool plant hey!

Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!