Giant Worlds Biggest Tree Tomato Delicious Seeds


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Giant Worlds Biggest Tree Tomato Delicious Seeds

Packet of 15+ legit, homegrown seeds!

Yep, this is the one, the one on eBay that regularly goes for $30.00+ for 10seeds at auction.
I have even seen a packet go for $98.00, seriously, for a packet of these same seeds. The amazing plant that grows four meters round, lives for several years and can crop 14,000 fruit with a total yield of more than a tonne and a half.
That is 1,500kilos of fruit folks.

Amazing hey, almost too good to be true..

Having done a lot of research on this guys since I first had a crack at it way back in 2011 I will give you the real truth. That amazing set of pictures that you see shared around, often highly pixelated as it has been resized so many times, that picture is 100% real. That is a real tomato plant.


Unfortunately, it is a Chinese hybrid plant called the “Miracle Tree Octopus F1″(roughly translated anyway).
The original seeds were sold/gifted to the Disney folks, and that is where most of the pictures originate from.
The rest come from Chinese blogs and seed catalogues where they clearly, and quite proudly, state their seeds are F1 hybrids.

That means that those seeds will not grow true to form.

Their babies will be different, they will lack hybrid vigor, and they will NOT grow into the plant pictured, even in ideal conditions.
The plant picture is always grown in hydroponic systems, it is selected to grow in these nutrient dense conditions, and that is what the pipes coming out of the huge round box at the bottom are for.
It is more of a tank than a pot the plant sits in, if you know what I mean.

These are not conditions most folks are able to replicate, nor are they warned of this, but regardless, it is all irrelevant, as these are F1 hybrid seeds..
Even in those conditions, growing seeds from that plant, you will only get tomatoes, not “tree tomatoes,” and definitely not tonnes of fruit at a time.

Ok, so the pics are a real plant, but the seeds are not.
So what are they exactly?

After growing many, many, many, different suppliers seeds, over several years now, at great expense, I have come to the conclusion that they are actually from the old “Worlds biggest tomato”.

This variety was later called the “Burpee Delicious”, it is now sometimes called “Delicious” or “Red Delicious” and is an old heirloom variety that breeds true. That means its babies will look and taste pretty much like it, and it does not rely on hybrid vigor for extreme growth.

In 1986 it set the world record for weight, with a giant 3.5kilo or 7lb 12oz fruit! Huge hey!

I strongly believe this accidental mistaken ID, is not such an accident.
But that said, I am fully aware that many folks do not know for sure they are selling the wrong seeds.

Seed sellers are generally not malicious folks, and often they are buying the seeds from overseas wholesalers who are misrepresenting the seeds in the first place.
They often supply the incorrect display images, which these bulk importers take on face value and display like all the other items they sell.
They have no reason to suspect they have been mislead, and as they are not growing them they do not see that the fruit and plant structure is completely different.
If you happen to be one of those retailers you may also not be aware that import of tomato seeds requires a permit, due to the massive disease risk they pose, and failure to comply with quarantine regulations can result in hefty fines.

I am sure many folks will not be happy to find out that the “Giant tree tomato” and “Italian tree tomato” or even more creatively the “Russian tree tomato” seeds they paid top $ for, are infact a pretty common, largish tomato.

One freak plant did grow one freak fruit, way back in 1986, and that freak fruit ended up a huge size when the plant itself was left for dead on a compost heap for two seasons.
The plant only bore the one fruit, and this misshapen fruit was so unattractive that after weighing the folks at the now well known Miracle Gro company made a mould or replica of the tomato, of the same size and weight, which they used in all further promotions.
It was asserted that the secret to the huge fruit was the amazing fertilizer.
Fertilizer that more than likely was never even used on that particular plant..

This replica was of a more traditional looking tomato, painted up to look like huge tasty beefsteak.
It was an “approximation” of the original, but nothing really like it except size and weight, so the story goes anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, this “Delicious” variety is really tasty. And it is a nice big delicious fruit, with hardly any seeds and not much juice.
Perfect for sandwiches.

Just when you are told it is a “Giant Tree Tomato” and shown those hydroponic, F1 variety pictures it is an honest mistake at best, and more often than not, a very very profitable lie.

These seeds that you are buying from me will produce a small to medium sized bucket of nice tasting large fruit in poor conditions. In good conditions with lots of water, plenty of compost and the odd feed, you will get a large bucket of fruit, two if you are really lucky. If you thin all the fruit and flowers except for a couple, particularly the mutant looking double blooms you may end up with a lumpy looking fruit the size of a small rockmelon. Maybe..

Still very cool, great for sandwiches, and well worth having in the collection.

Organically grown by me and the Mrs, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!