Yellow Swamp Hibiscus Diversifolius Native Seeds


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Yellow Swamp Hibiscus Diversifolius Native Seeds

Packet of 10+ home grown seeds!

Another interesting Aussie native hibiscus.
Found not only in OZ, but in South America, Africa, New Guinea, and New Zealand too, with many populations under great threat from over grazing.
Sheep, cattle, goats, deer and horses all eat it, as do many native species, especially wallabies, kangaroos, possums, parrots and lorikeets. The bees both native and their European counterparts are a big fan too.

Grows easily normally only taking a few weeks to germinate for us, just be careful not to over water when they are little.
Once mature they can handle flooding and waterlogging really well, much better than most species, but when still seedlings a well draining sandy soil is best.

Beautiful big yellow flowers with huge petals, and they really look great as a feature species.
They are not medium to large trees like many other native hibiscus are, instead they bush out and sprawl out filling the space with endless yellow flowers. Knee high in my rocky rubble soil, but waist high in  better conditions and tightly packed bushes.

The native distribution is right up the coast from the middle of NSW all the way Cape York and extending all the way into the interior of Australia.
The petals make a colorful addition to salads and like all Native Hibiscus, the whole plant is considered edible and has a long history of use.
Grown by me and the Mrs organically, no chems, no nasties, no problems!!!